Photo Name Title Email/
Photo for Anderson, Nancy Anderson, Nancy MS & HS Special Education - MCS
715-643-3647 Ext. 357
Photo for Barker, Bonnie Barker, Bonnie Director of Special Education/School Psychologist
715-643-3647 Ext. 120
Photo for Bell, Debra Bell, Debra Third Grade Teacher
715-643-3647 Ext.161
Photo for Berry, Karlene Berry, Karlene School Counselor, Grades 9-12
715-643-3647 Ext. 439
Photo for Bignell, Jennifer Bignell, Jennifer High School Special Education, Student Council Advisor, MS Track Coach
715-643-3647 Ext. 502
Photo for Bignell, Shannon Bignell, Shannon Third Grade Teacher
715-643-4331 Ext 157
Photo for Bird, Jolene Bird, Jolene First Grade Teacher, Varsity Girl's Basketball Coach
715-643-3647 Ext. 181
  Bourget, Cindy Middle School Counselor
715-643-3647 EXT.
Photo for Bowman, Chris Bowman, Chris High School Social Studies, 7th Gr. Football Coach
715-643-3647 Ext. 505
Photo for Byrne, Mary Byrne, Mary Technology Paraprofessional
715-643-3647 Ext. 114
Photo for Carlson, Suzanne Carlson, Suzanne Elementary Special Education - MCS
715-643-3647 Ext. 168/169
Photo for Carlson Phillips, Amy Carlson Phillips, Amy Second Grade Teacher
715-643-3647 Ext. 156
Photo for Coombs, Holly Coombs, Holly Library Paraprofessional
715-643-3647, Ext. 115
Photo for Day, Corey Day, Corey Elementary Physical Ed., HS Cross Country Coach, Asst. Wrestling Coach, Varsity Boy's Track Coach
715-643-3647 Ext. 186
Photo for Debee, Laura Debee, Laura Family & Consumer Education, Academic Decathlon Advisor, Quiz Bowl Advisor
715-643-3647 Ext. 431
Photo for Dicks, Abbigail Dicks, Abbigail Early Learning Teacher
715-643-3647, Ext. 139
Photo for Engel, Tim Engel, Tim Middle School/High School Social Studies, Junior Class Advisor, GED Option 2 Coordinator
715-643-3647 Ext. 334
Photo for Fetzer, Frank Fetzer, Frank Technology Education and Math
715-643-3647 Ext. 411
Photo for Fischer, Jacinda Fischer, Jacinda Pre-K - Sixth Grade School Counseling
715-643-3647 Ex 134
Photo for Formoe, Sharon Formoe, Sharon Chief Financial Accountant
715-643-3647 Ext. 215
Photo for Gasteyer, Diana Gasteyer, Diana Special Education Teacher
715-643-3647 Ext. 179
Photo for Gilbertson, Susan Gilbertson, Susan Special Education Secretary
715-643-3647 Ext. 121
Photo for Hamm, Andy Hamm, Andy High School Science & Math Teacher / Science Olympiad Advisor
715-643-3647 Ext. 432
Photo for Hanestad, Vivian Hanestad, Vivian District Attendance Secretary & Lunch Secretary
715-643-3647 Ext. 440
Photo for Harnisch, Laura Harnisch, Laura MCS Paraprofessional
715-643-3647 Ext. 357
Photo for Heifner, Beth Heifner, Beth Kindergarten Teacher
715-643-3647 ext. 106
Photo for Hellmann, Angela Hellmann, Angela Second Grade Teacher
715-643-3647 Ext. 159
Photo for Henningfeld, Kristen Henningfeld, Kristen Elementary Special Education Teacher
715-643-3647 Ext. 131
Photo for Hoff, Jeff Hoff, Jeff Elementary ED Resource
715-643-3647 Ext. 135
Photo for Humpal, Judy Humpal, Judy Administrative Assistant
715-643-3647 Ext. 220
  Johnson, Katelyn Spanish Teacher
715-643-3647, Ext. 501
Photo for Kaiser, Nicholas Kaiser, Nicholas Elementary School Principal
715-643-3647 Ext. 110
Photo for Kane, Lisa Kane, Lisa MCS Paraprofessional
715-643-3647 Ext.169
Photo for Kersten, Alesha Kersten, Alesha Payroll/Benefits Clerk, Community Education Director
715-643-3647 Ext. 225 or 240
Photo for Kersten, Julie Kersten, Julie Early Learning Center Paraprofessional
715-643-3647 Ext. 139
Photo for Klassen, Joan Klassen, Joan Fifth Grade Teacher, Varsity Girl's Track Coach
715-643-3647 Ext. 152
Photo for Klaustermeier, Janine Klaustermeier, Janine Second Grade Teacher
715-643-3647 Ext. 160
Photo for Knudtson, Glenn Knudtson, Glenn Agriscience Education
715-643-3647 Ext. 404
Photo for Krautbauer, Kalani Krautbauer, Kalani Speech & Language Pathologist
715-643-3647 Ext. 167
Photo for Kryshak, Mary Kay Kryshak, Mary Kay Speech & Language Pathologist
715-643-3647 Ext. 164
Photo for Kuehl, Kelsey Kuehl, Kelsey K-6 Art Teacher
715-643-3647, Ext. 184
Photo for Kuenzie, Thomas Kuenzie, Thomas District Technology Coordinator
715-643-3647 Ext. 350
Photo for Ledgerwood, RuthAnn Ledgerwood, RuthAnn High School English Teacher
715-643-3647, Ext. 504
Photo for Leslie, Erin Leslie, Erin MCS Paraprofessional, Football/Wrestling Cheerleading Advisor
715-643-3647, Ext. 357
Photo for McDonald, Lisa McDonald, Lisa EBD Paraprofessional/Health Office Aide
715-643-3647 Ext. 135
Photo for Moy, Tyler Moy, Tyler MS/HS Principal
715-643-3647, Ext. 438
Photo for Olson, Jamie Olson, Jamie HS Phy Ed Teacher, Asst. Football Coach, Varsity Wrestling Coach, Head Softball Coach
715-643-3647 Ext. 322
Photo for Olson, Rochelle Olson, Rochelle Sixth Grade Teacher
715-643-3647 Ext. 144
Photo for Ouellette, Katie Ouellette, Katie Early Learning /Early Childhood Teacher, 7th Gr. Girl's Basketball Coach
715-643-3647 Ext.127/136
Photo for Pember, Coleen Pember, Coleen Fourth Grade Teacher
715-643-3647 Ext. 148